Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finals are finally over! Ready for some streaming video this weekend?

This weekend's forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms... Perfect time to stay indoors and watch some films about those things you've always wanted to know more about if it weren't for that final exam or research paper that was eating up all of your free time.

Whatever your poison, there's something for you in the Films On Demand: Master Academic Collection Database. Just last month, 74 new titles were added!

Interested in learning more about the personal philosophies of Muhammad Ali or Jim Henson? Check out the PBS series "In Their Own Words."

Have 47 minutes to clear up any lingering questions you have about Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life? Acquaint yourself with Albert Camus and his Absurdist Philosophy.

Poetry month may have passed, but every month is appropriate for enjoying poetry. What's better on a rainy day than curling up in your favorite chair for a documentary about The Faerie Queene: The Secret Life of Books?
"Considered one of the most influential poems in the English language, Edmund Spenser’s "The Faerie Queene" is a fusion of Arthurian romance and Italian Renaissance epic styles."
If politics are on your mind this Presidential Primary season, you might enjoy this documentary (in Spanish) about Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, the oldest man to become president of Mexico.
"His competency in accounting and personal qualities of honesty and decency, distinguished him from the political corruption of the era."
Whatever you watch, just remember you've got until June 6th before classes start up again for the first Summer Session. Take some time to get familiar with Alkek's streaming databases and watch ANYTHING YOU WANT. Not because it was assigned, simply because it looks interesting.

Happy Interim!

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