Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let my scars leave brilliant traces

I am very saddened by the apparent suicide of student Travis Green at our University. I did not know him, but I have known people who have made the decision to take their own life, and I know how terribly difficult it is for their family and friends to comprehend.

If you are considering suicide, please know that there is 24-hour help available to you:

And if you need to speak with someone for any reason at all, please know that it is a sign of great strength to reach out and ask for help when you are feeling helpless. The University offers many different types of counseling services:

Travis Green was a talented writer, and published his work online.

This poem has been a salve for me when I have gone through coping with the suicide of someone close:

Individuation by Avah Pevlor Johnson
If I must be wrung through the paradox,
-- broken into wholeness,
wring me around the moon;
pelt me with particles from the dark side.
Fling me into space;
hide me in a black hole.
Let me dance with devils on dead stars.
Let my scars leave brilliant traces,
for my highborn soul seeks its hell --
in high places. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten (Long Night Against Procrastination)

That one assignment you've been putting off... you know which one I'm talking about.

Come to the LONG NIGHT AGAINST PROCRASTINATION - hosted by the Alkek Library, Thursday, November 10th from 6-11pm. We'll provide the coffee, snacks, study breaks and research support to help you finish that dastardly assignment.

Subject Librarians will be on hand throughout the night. We've all hired cat-sitters, so don't miss out on the opportunity for after-hours, personalized research help!

For the nerds: The tradition of "Long Night" originated at a University in Germany in 2010 - students asked for longer open hours in which they could study and finish assignments. This lead to an overnight event at the University with refreshments, study breaks, exercises and other incentives to keep students active and on task.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dear Literature, I'm falling for you.

Image taken from page 216 of 'Lady Valeria. A novel'

Fall is in the air... crisp, cool weather and the crunch of colorful leaves beneath your feet.
That's what I hear is going on in the Northeast anyway. Here in San Marcos, we're "enjoying" highs in the 80s, in November! This transplant from New York is ready to wear her Fall boots and sweaters. Oh well, maybe in December?

In any case, what does the idea of colder weather make you think of? For me it's taking some time away from my (too) busy week to enjoy some story telling, ideally though a novel I have a hard time putting down and can't wait to pick up again.

On my drive in to campus today, I enjoyed an interview on NPR where editor Terry McDonell told some tales of hanging out with literary greats he has known. It got me thinking about all of my favorite authors, and making a mental list of which novels I wanted to revisit, or new ones I've been wanting to fall into.

What kind of literature do you enjoy when you find some time away from your busy schedule of classes, research and time spent with friends?

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