Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dear Literature, I'm falling for you.

Image taken from page 216 of 'Lady Valeria. A novel'

Fall is in the air... crisp, cool weather and the crunch of colorful leaves beneath your feet.
That's what I hear is going on in the Northeast anyway. Here in San Marcos, we're "enjoying" highs in the 80s, in November! This transplant from New York is ready to wear her Fall boots and sweaters. Oh well, maybe in December?

In any case, what does the idea of colder weather make you think of? For me it's taking some time away from my (too) busy week to enjoy some story telling, ideally though a novel I have a hard time putting down and can't wait to pick up again.

On my drive in to campus today, I enjoyed an interview on NPR where editor Terry McDonell told some tales of hanging out with literary greats he has known. It got me thinking about all of my favorite authors, and making a mental list of which novels I wanted to revisit, or new ones I've been wanting to fall into.

What kind of literature do you enjoy when you find some time away from your busy schedule of classes, research and time spent with friends?

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