Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How do you say, "Online Newspapers and Magazines" in your native language?

Have you ever wanted to browse a newspaper or magazine on your computer or phone - possibly for research for a class, or maybe just for your own enjoyment during your free time?

Did you know the Library provides access to many Newspaper Databases?

Sometimes it's nice to browse the contents and "flip" through the newspaper or magazine, without knowing exactly what you're looking for. I suggest using PressReader and Browzine for this type of browsing experience!
Are you an International student who wants to read newspapers and magazines from home? Titles in PressReader can be filtered by Country, Region, Language and more.
Maybe you're learning a new language and you'd like to practice your skills by reading a newspaper or magazine in that language? If so, do you like dogs? Are you learning German? You can read Mein Hund! 
More interested in French culture? Spend some time browsing the French cultural magazine, Les Inrockuptibles. The possibilities are seemingly endless.
Save your favorites to your account, and check back periodically to skim the latest issues!

What are you waiting for? Go find your favorite newspapers and magazines (and find some new favorites while you're at it). Fashion, mechanics, photography, lifestyle, parenting, psychology, finance, business, home decor, cooking, art, religion, and so many more! All in the language you prefer.

Watch the short videos below to see what you can do with Browzine and PressReader.



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