Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Only Boring People Get Bored."

When I was a little kid, and spent time with my Grandmother ("Mema"), I used to say, "Mema, I'm boooorrreeed." She let me know real quick, "Elizabeth, only boring people get bored."

Harsh words for a 7 year old? Maybe. But she had a point.

Here at Alkek Library, we've gone above and beyond with planning events to keep you from the dreaded boredom that sneaks in from time to time.


Or maybe you never get bored, but you've got a big assignment in the back of your brain, and you wish you had some way to procrastinate just a bit more...?

(Am I the only one who gets motivated to clean out my entire closet as soon as I have something I *really* need to do?)

Without further ado, here are some of the fine happenings coming up soon at Alkek Library:

September 11 - Maker Day
 EVERY MONDAY - Monday Movie Night

September 20 - November 2 - Film Talks
 September 7 - April 19 - Visiting Writers' Readings

September 25 - 29 - Banned Books Week 
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September 27 - Lunch Poems

September 27 - Game Night

but wait there's more...

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