Friday, February 9, 2018

Film Talks: Get Out

What is it about art and films that helps make conversations flow a little easier?
"I love horror and the imagery is firmly rooted in what I know and love about horror," [Jordan Peele] told NBCBLK. "But it is a social thriller. It is like a psychological thriller. It's about the mind. Allegory is the best way to get people to talk. If we can have a shared experience in a movie theatre, it gives us more of a basis for conversation." - Jordan Peele, Director of "Get Out"
We are so thrilled (pun intended) to be showing "Get Out" as our first Film Talks title this semester. There is so much packed into this movie, we could probably talk about it for days, weeks, months... let's face it - we could talk about it forever.

And we should. Did you have the opportunity to see Bryan Stevenson speak this week, as our LBJ Distinguished Speaker? He encouraged us to "have uncomfortable conversations" as a way to make the world better. I think "Get Out" is a great movie to start some uncomfortable conversations.

Why is it so difficult to talk about race? Why do we usually shy away from these conversations at the very moment we should be having them most?

The Film Talks crew has been hard at work preparing discussion questions in advance to help spark a conversation after the screening. We're fortunate to have the university community surrounding us to help us in starting, and continuing, these uncomfortable conversations. 
"If something unsettles you, you're left to deal with why it unsettled you." - Jordan Peele
We may not have any of the answers, but a good place to start is by asking the right questions, and being open to discussion. I hope you can join us on Tuesday, February 13, from 2-5pm, at Alkek Library for the "Get Out" screening and discussion. Entry is limited to the first 100 to arrive (due to room capacity). The film is available streaming on our SWANK database, so you can watch it in your own time if you're not able to attend.


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