Friday, March 30, 2018

EXTENDED THROUGH JULY! Library Materials from FIL de Guadalajara International Book Fair

Visit our exhibit in the 2nd floor display cases at Alkek Library (near the elevators on the main floor)

Exhibit Poster
In November 2017, staff from Alkek Library attended FIL de Guadalajara, the 2nd largest book fair in the world, in Jalisco, Mexico to select materials for Alkek Library's collection. Over 100 books were added to our collection including photography, poetry, literature, art, history, sociology, politics, maps, and more!

Watch FILGuadalajara's video for a taste of the fair!

Our exhibit includes a curated selection from those materials and will remain on display through June 15, 2018. EXTENDED THROUGH JULY!

Co-Curators: Liz King, Tara Spies Smith, and Lorin Flores

View all of the books that were purchased from FIL 2017 here:
Also available as an RSS feed: (best viewed in Firefox)

FIL de Guadalajara Exhibit at Alkek

Photo of Display Cases by Tara Spies Smith

Detailed photos of the display are available on the FIL de Guadalajara Book Exhibit research guide

The exhibit includes new library materials, fiber arts from Tlaquepaque, pottery from Tonal√°, FIL de Guadalajara promotional materials, and photographs by Tara Spies Smith.

Stop by and sign the official exhibit guestbook! If you can't make it in person, check out the online photo album, and leave your comments for us in this blog post!

Researching Guadalajara and Mexico

If you are not using a university computer, you will need to login with your university credentials to access the following resources.

Our CultureGrams database is an excellent source of information about Mexico, including the country's background, land and climate, history, population, language, religion, customs, courtesies, and more!

Physical Map from CultureGrams Database

Also check out our CountryWatch database for another detailed review of Mexico, including overviews of the country, its politics, economics, sociological and environmental aspects. (You can also use this stable URL for CountryWatch database.)

Want to learn more about Guadalajara? You can find hundreds of reference materials about Guadalajara in our CredoReference database!

Humanities Librarian, Liz King, exploring Guadalajara