Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Soon - What's Leaving "Films on Demand" Database in June?

Leaving our Films on Demand database in June:

Watch them now before they're gone!

How to Be Happy: Finding More Joy Through Happiness Training - BBC
Can happiness be taught? Modern science has done much to improve the human lot but has cast little light on how to achieve happiness. QED, with help from several experts in psychology, has developed a “course in happiness,” which is designed to change deep-seated beliefs and attitudes and make it possible to find more joy in life. This program observes three volunteers from very different backgrounds and walks of life as they take QED’s three-week course of instruction under the careful guidance of a psychologist. Will they feel any happier? The program provides the answer to this question as the three volunteers prepare to get on with their lives. Original BBC broadcast title: How to Be Happy. (49 minutes) A BBC Production

College, Inc. - PBS/Frontline

This edition of Frontline takes a closer look at the booming business of higher education. It’s a $400 billion industry fueled by taxpayer money. But what are students getting out of the deal? Critics say a worthless degree and a mountain of debt. Investors insist they’re innovators, widening access to education. The program follows the money to uncover how Wall Street and a new breed of for-profit universities are transforming the way Americans think about college education. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (60 minutes) Distributed by PBS Distribution.

Offstage, Onstage: Inside the Stratford Festival
Cameras go backstage during an entire season of the Stratford Festival to capture the creative spirit at the heart of a treasured Canadian theater company. For five decades, the festival’s stage has been home to the world's great plays and performers. Award-winning director John N. Smith (The Boys of St. Vincent) gives unprecedented access backstage, offering a fascinating look at the personalities and the production process behind live theater performance. Viewers sneak a peek into William Hutt’s dressing room as he does his vocal warm-ups before Twelfth Night and watch as Martha Henry commands the stage in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? This fascinating documentary provides a glimpse at the artists, craftspeople, and technicians who reveal their secrets, from shoemaking, sword fighting, and sound effects to makeup and mechanical monkeys. (86 minutes)

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